AmbientCube Modular Bulk Compute

Does your work require lots of computing? Are you scaling beyond your existing footprint and not able to keep up?


If you need only a few servers to compliment your existing infrastructure, or racks of servers to move over your entire set of capabilities, we can help! 


Get the computing infrastructure and support that you need today that scales with you tomorrow.

About us.


We’re based in the Midwest of the United States (think cheap real estate and even cheaper power), our team smiles at the idea of building things efficiently to get you where you’re going. We understand computing and can tailor the right mix of compute, memory, storage, and bandwidth for your application.

Use Cases

We support teams building incredible applications. We partner to deliver the computing that is needed today and enable you to effortlessly scale tomorrow.


Our RenderingCube is a powerful, yet cost effective, render farm service built for visual effects (VFX) and animation companies. Instead of buying and maintaining expensive render nodes or enterprise storage arrays, RenderingCube can be your VFX render infrastructure. Through our work with RenderingCube, we understand that you want to focus on what makes you money: creative work.


By taking care of computing, server management and storage management, we enable you to do this while guaranteeing the best performance for your computer-generated imagery/cg film, and creative projects. You can purchase RenderingCube in sizes from small to extra large, depending on your computing needs.


The system is able to support both Windows and Linux environments for building and executing render pipelines, based on V-Ray, Chaos Group, 3DS Max or Blender, Mudbox, or Houdini. Let's talk to see how we can unleash your creative potential.

Algorithmic Trading

AlgorithmicCube provides a range of custom solutions around high performance computing for trading and analytics companies. We give you an advantage by designing the computing systems that lower costs per compute, and remove any unnecessary overheads so you can focus on algorithm research and development.


We are building a cloud service that provides a thin and transparent interface to run your algorithm on our powerful High Performance Computing fabric in the cloud and can be consumed on-demand. Clients can rely on us to design and build the optimal computing infrastructure for storing, processing and delivering data to their algorithms.

We can support a number of different applications including the ones listed below.


Machine Learning.


Video Rendering & Transcoding.


Monte Carlo Simulations.


Integer Programming.


Bayesian Analytics.


High Availability Clusters.


Zero Knowledge Proof processing.


TensorFlow Model Training.

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Our computing solutions combine the economics of an in-house data center with the capital dynamics of cloud. We build and deliver the capacity that you need for any computing task.


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